How do you know when you need support?

“We do give time and space to staff to be able to think about what is this bringing up in you and how will that affect your practice?”

Being alongside anyone experiencing a loss can be emotionally draining, and supporting a bereaved pupil, particularly so.

Adults need to be aware of their own vulnerabilities as there are times when, due to our own personal circumstances, we are less able to support a bereaved pupil.

Some examples of factors which might increase your vulnerability are:

  • Your own bereavement experiences.
  • A recent experience of separation or loss, such as divorce.
  • Caring for an elderly or ill relative.
  • Having a child of the same age as the bereaved pupil.
  • Carrying a heavy workload with little time for reflection.

Recognise what is going on in your own life and consider whether you are the best person to support a bereaved pupil at this time.