Should children and young people attend a funeral?

“We try to help children and their families make informed choices.”

Bereaved families often ask whether to take a child or young person to a funeral.

  • Many pupils do not know what a funeral is and they can feel anxious about the event.
  • Adults in school can help by explaining what a funeral is and giving a bereaved pupil the chance to ask questions and share any concerns.
  • Many adults have clear opinions on whether children and young people should attend a funeral. This may be based on their own experiences, cultural beliefs or they may simply be trying to protect a young person from too “adult” a ritual.
  • None of the children and young people that we support at Child Bereavement UK regretted choosing to attend the funeral of someone special to them. Those who are not given the option often deeply resent not being included, despite this decision having been made with the best of intentions.