A risk-taker

Over time, a bereaved pupil’s grades have slipped and their attendance has become rather erratic. They seem very angry and have a tendency towards dangerous or risky behaviour.


  • This behaviour may be a result of their bereavement, even if it happened a long time ago.

What might help:

  • Chat to the pupil and try to find out how they are feeling. Are there changes or additional pressures at home?
  • Highlight any potential dangers and possible implications of their actions. Help to support them in finding other ways to deal with the impact of the loss, which might include helping them to find other bereaved young people to connect with.
  • Offer to support their friendship group to help them understand how to be supportive.
  • Explore the aspirations of the bereaved pupil and help them to identify short term achievable goals.
  • Bereaved young people appreciate gestures of support from adults around them, even if they do not show it at the time.